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     This bureau receives order to establish on July 1, 80 years, supervisor originally the administration of the county environmental protection and auditor control business.Establish, all together the colleague concentrate on the establishment of environmental protection system, and aggressive carry out, manage and look into various mission, have already sown good foundation for the this county environmental protection work however, along with the exaltation of capital income, the living standard promotes and also urge the people’s rise of the environmental protection consciousness, but lack of because the people in general are having intention to know under environmental protection knowledge and common sense, how build up the piping of government and people’s communication, is a head kind important affair in this bureau.

  The operator governed to violate the rules to the county, in addition to giving an auditor and punishing and requesting to improve by law, this bureau also persuades it to build up a correct environmental protection view to ensure that this county’s often protecting the living environment environmental protection work of "blue sky, clean water, green earth" is the long-term business that needs to have a conscience benevolence, handle from the garbage, go to various harmful effects to prevent and cure a work, all everything have an inseparable relation with people, for make the people understand originally.

  The bureau is carrying out so-called"three discard one poison" project(the management of waste gas, waste water, wastes and the material of the toxicity chemistry) currently, and the environmental protection of the present stage related business, compile "environment protection bureau home page in Hsinchu County" especially, expect all county the people can have complete to the environmental protection work of this county of understanding, and hope with this reach physically it guide effect.Let all county’s people by"know and talk", then"rise and go", together participate in a county to govern various environmental protection works, together fine natural environment in Hsinchu County and good daily life at home quality, stay to our next generations forever.

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