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Chief Profile

Chief  Huang,Shih Han

Huang, Shih-Han


General Director of Environmental Protection Bureau, Hsinchu County





Director’s Message:


      During past years working for government, I have dedicated my efforts to Environmental Protection Administration in different functions, including water protection, toxic substrate control, solid waste control and fund management board. These diverse experiences were so valuable that I got some opportunities to participate the process of forming some significant policies, which made me learn very fast. I have realized that “Environmental Protection” is not simply a term of integrated science, it’s more like a combination of all the stakeholders’ wishes and economic developments, what we call as ”public policies”. Except for water protection, toxic substrate control and waste control, environmental issue has merged with global trends, for examples, elimination of carbon footprint and environmental education, and transformed into the concept of “green economics”. This concept is also a feedback of financial crisis, green economics provides an efficient solution for those countries suffered. Implementing the “green economic” policy also recalls the policy from the head of Hsinchu County, offering more job opportunities healthily and building a brand-new technology city.

      In the past, compared with other counties’ government, Hsinchu County was short of the resources and financial support. As a result, it was difficult to fully implement the policy and face all the challenges in environmental protection. As the participants in environmental protection issue, we have no right to be pessimistic, though there might be so many challenges and obstacles that we have to struggle in the future. Being the director of Environmental Protection Bureau in Hsinchu County, I will fight for the support from all possibilities. It is a life-time mission for me rather than just a job, providing a better environment for future generations and truly carrying out the practice of sustainable living. In the future, I will try my best to strive toward the goal with my biggest sincerity and patient. Hope I can get the supports, advices and even criticisms from you, not only to make Hsinchu County a better place but also to pass on the sustainable living concept to next generation.


National Taipei University of Technology                                                           2010 – Present                                                   

PhD Candidate, Institute of Environmental Engineering and Management

National Cheng Chi University                                                                                                          2004

Master of Business Administration (credit courses)

National Taiwan University                                                                         Graduated year: 1994

Master of Science in Environmental Engineering

National Chung Hsin University                                                                  Graduated year: 1992

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering

National Taichung First Senior High School                                                  Graduated year: 1988

 Major Experience:

General Director, Environmental Protection Bureau, Hsinchu County                          2013 – present

 Section Chief, Soil and Groundwater Pollution Remediation Fund Management Board,

Environmental Protection Administration, Executive Yuan, R.O.C.                                  2009 – 2013

 Section Manager/Technician Specialist, Recourses Recycling Fund Management Board,

Environmental Protection Administration, Executive Yuan, R.O.C.                                  2003 – 2009

 Associate Technician Specialist, Solid Waste Control Section, Environmental Protection Administration,

Executive Yuan, R.O.C.                                                                                                              1999 – 2003

 Associate Technical Specialist, Toxic Substrate Control Section, Environmental Protection Administration,

Executive Yuan, R.O.C.                                                                                                             1998 – 1999

 Assistant Technician, Water Protection Control Section, Environmental Protection Administration, Executive

Yuan, R.O.C.                                                                                                                               1996 – 1998

 Environmental Protection officer,

 Chengkungling Military Training Center, Taichung City                                             1995 – 1996


Qualified certificate for technical personnel of waste disposal. (First level)                             1996

Qualified certificate for technical personnel of air pollution prevention. (First level)              1995

Certificate for sales representative in stock company.                                                                  1994

Passed elementary examination for Environmental Protection personnel.                                1993

Qualified certificate for technical personnel of waste water treatment. (First level)                1993

Passed examination for Environmental Engineering technical personnel.                                1992


Nominated as Ten Outstanding Young Persons, Taiwan.                                                          2011

Award for best model worker in government.                                                                               2003

Award for excellent environmental protection promotion, Army Command Headquarters,R.O.C.                      1996

Scholarship from Super Max Engineering Co., Ltd.                                                                    1992

Excellent Thesis award, National Science Council, R.O.C.                                                        1991