About us


     The HsinChu County Environmental Protection Bureau  (HCCEPB) founded on July 1 1991 pursuant to the central decree is liable for  the duties with regard to administrative affairs and inspection and control for  environmental protection in HsinChu   County. Since then, all  colleagues have been dedicating all efforts to enforcement, management and  inspection in addition to building the environmental protection system. With  said endeavors, the foundation has been consolidated; however, despite the rise  of green ideas resulting from increasing national incomes and advanced living  standards, the public commonsense and knowledge regarding environmental  protection is insufficient. Thus, it is urgent to establish channels of  communications between the public and the government.

     According to decrees, the violators in the jurisdiction will be  inspected, given penalties and requested to improve in association with the  advice for having accurate ideas for environmental protection to secure Blue  Sky, Clean Water and Green   Land in here. Frankly  speaking, the engagement in such business demands the long-term dedication and  conscience since the liabilities and duties including trash disposal and  pollution prevention relate closely to the public. In order to illustrate  clearly the affairs concerning environmental protection in association with the  3 Wastes 1 Toxic Project (waste gas, wastewater and toxic chemical substances  management) currently enforced, the homepage is therefore available to the  public for the holistic recognition and material promotion for green tasks in HsinChu County. By doing so, we anticipate that  the wonderful and precious natural surroundings and good residential quality in  here may sustain for our offspring via collective participation in  environmental protection tasks making the public know, say and act for said  tasks.