Environmental Status
Environmental Status

Environmental Status

     The fast growth of business and industrial  development in HsinChu   County has led to the  impressive achievements with the endeavors from the government, enterprises and  citizens. Accordingly, the mixture of agriculture, industry and business does  advance work incomes and living standards whereas the pollution issues occur as  well. The polluted air, water, trash, industrial waste has impacted severely  the public living quality.

     In consideration of the rise of public green consciousness and of  demands for environmental quality, it is urgent to propose solutions to total  elimination of sources for preventing the public from the damage of urgent  environmental pollution issues. Given that, the Pollution Petition Center  founded on July 1 1991 is liable for duties regarding environmental protection  with the 24/7 services available, which aims to provide the optimal services  quality and residential circumstances by mastering the pollution immediately,  making swift solutions in addition to the public active reporting on sources.


(1) Quick growth of non-local population leads to heavy load to environments
In spite of the area of 1,427 km2, the prosperity of high-tech industry in science parks has been attracting non-local population because of numerous employment opportunities. By 2003, the number of population was 459,263 and the average population density was 322 persons/ km2. The rise of population density also leads to increasing trash, transport tools, noise and household wastewater brought by human and business and industrial activities, which worsens the environment. Therein, household wastewater remains one of the major sources that pollute rivers; therefore, it is pretty pressing to initiate the construction of sewerage.
(2) Rapid growth of motor vehicles causes severe pollution
By May 2004, the number of motor vehicles in HsinChu County was around 365,681 with the density by 256.2/ km2. The drastic growth and high use frequency of motor vehicles has worsened air quality by increasing CO, hydrocarbon and NO to the air.
(3) Intense industrial activities in 2 Industrial Parks increase amount of pollution
There are many industrial parks, including HsinChu Science Park and Hukou Industrial Park in HsinChu County. The industrial waste includes wastewater, waste gas and industrial waste where the industrial waste has the variety of kinds and considerable amount; moreover, some are hazardous waste. By December 2003, there have been 2,000 factories controlled by the HCCEPB with the density by 1.4/ km2. Thence, it is a key issue to dispose and control waste gas, wastewater and waste produced by factories with effective manners.
(4) Drastic great deal of trash results in disposal workload
The disposed trash totals 396 tons/day. The recyclable materials such as Styrofoam items, plastic sacks and PET bottles require high cost to dispose them that increases the cost of trash disposal. Meanwhile, the landfill is hard to obtain because of the public protest; consequently, trash disposal has been a critical issue. Besides promoting trash classification and reduction along with recycling, it is necessary to settle said issue by building an incinerator in HsinChu County.


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